Introducing the Healer

Domona has always been drawn to those in need. As a young child she was always following the village priest around when he visited the elderly and the ill, fascinated by the glimmer of renewed hope in their eyes as he mended their broken bodies and soothed their aches. Sometimes he allowed to her help him, mixing herbs or reading from scrolls while he worked.

But as she grew older she started to feel stifled and limited by the rigorous rules and rituals the priest demanded that she followed. She could feel it in her heart that there was something more to it. Eventually she realized that she must leave the village and their sheltered way of life to find her own path. Leaving her family behind, she walked out into the deep woods and was not heard from again for three hundred years.

When the rifts started appearing all across the lands, Domona suddenly reappeared at the doorstep of her sister Dansa’s house. Joining her sisters with a shared determination to fight back against the extra-planar threat, she surprised them with her new magical abilities to strengthen and bolster their spirits during the difficult battles. No one knows what happened to her during all those years, and she has not offered any explanations.


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