Into the abyss (video)

The five sisters of Box of Chocolate have ended up into a dungeon for the first time. They were on their way home to Sanctum with a cart full of loot late one night when the cart broke down and the horse refused to pull it any further. Dannya started complaining, because it was a chilly night and they didn’t have any more wine left to comfort her with. They secured the wagon and left the path to find help. Somehow they bumped into to this large cave entrance. Perhaps it could yield shelter for the night at least. But it turned out that they will have to fight for their right to put down their bedrolls there tonight.

First boss encounter, Caor Ashstone. No problems, everyone stayed at full health at all times, and Domona got a new pair of water-resistant pants for when she go picking herbs or mushrooms in the forest.

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