The invasion of Argent Glade (video)

The five sisters help to fight off a Rift invasion on the guardian town of Argent Glade. The vile creatures charged up the road and headed straight for our small peaceful town. It wasn’t peaceful for long, though. Valiant defenders rushed to face the threat and fought hard to save the town. The air was filled with unspeakable things, and we could hardly breath. Dannya almost had it at one time, wrapping her whole head in canvas to try to escape the reeking fumes. She can make such a fuss about bad odor sometimes.

Hard at work

Dansa is the one that gets it done. While the other sisters play around and try out new dresses, Dansa is hard at work. She takes care of all the gear, making sure everyone has enough rations and enough bags to carry all the loot home at the end of the day. Domona says she doesn’t want any of the loot anyway, but Dansa thought she could see a hint of glimmer in Domona’s eyes when they found that shiny green pearl an hour ago.

Software setup

I use a lot of in-game macros, and it took me quite a while to get everything set up the same way for all characters. I turn on broadcast and type in some commands for all characters at the same time:  /importui <filename> to set up the UI layout and settings to my normal one.  /importkeybindings <filename> to set up my keybindings on all characters in one go. Then I start typing in the macros…

Copy/paste doesn’t seem to work reliably between characters. So I turn on broadcast again and type in new fresh macros letter by letter. This is what I got in the end:

  1. On the main action bar, I first have a macro for single-target dps. The second button will be Vex. The third button and fourth buttons are both the same DoT macro. The duplication will make sense when there’s a tank on the team who has a different macro on three and four. All characters hit the same button at the same time.
    I also have macros for a Finisher, a ranged AoE, a close-range AoE, and a mana regen macro.
  2. On the second bar, I have my multibox tools. One macro will make all characters start to follow the character that I’m currently controlling with my mouse and keyboard – the fullscreen character on the left or right computer. Another macro will make all other characters assist that current character. I also have a helper macro that just makes everyone select the current character (more on that later).
  3. The third action bar contains macros for healing raid members by just mousing over their health bar in the Raid UI and press a button. Different buttons cast different types of heals – there are instant heals, heavy heals, instant HoTs, heavy HoTs, dispell, shield, etc. I can press these buttons on any character I currently have up on screen. The dedicated healer in the team will respond and heal the person I have my mouse over.
  4. The last action bar is for leader healing. It’s the same spells as in #3, but I don’t have to mouse over anything. The dedicated healer will always cast these spells on the leader (the character I’m currently controlling the most).

Hardware setup

I have two computers next to each other. The one of the left is my main computer and it runs three characters – Dansa, Dimma and Despoine. The one of the right is a little less beefier and runs two characters – Dannya and Domona.

I normally have Dansa (the tank) up on the left screen and Domona (the healer) up on the right screen, but notice the small PiP (Picture-in-Picture) video feeds in the lower left corner of each screen. They show the whole screen of every other character, so I can always see what everyone is doing at the same time. I can move the mouse freely between each screen and if I click on any of the PiPs, that character will maximize and become fullscreen. The previous character will minimize into a PiP.

Do you have any plans for tonight?

Do you have suggestions what I should try to achieve, monsters to vanquish, adventures to embark on or other challenges? Do you want to see if a multiboxer with just clerics can take on an major rift? Perhaps a specific dungeon you like to see?

Add a reply to this post with requests, ideas, and challenges!

Dannya is always up for something exciting!