Extra Life Wedding

When the word spread about the naughty couple finally making it official, the hopelessly romantic Dannya could barely contain her excitement. With her blue eyes shining, she urged her sisters to join in the happy event and witness the true love. Dansa was less impressed, arguing that the battle in Stillmoor was about to begin and that they needed to honor their marching orders at any cost. Reminding her that there were plenty more hours to go in Extra Life 2012, the ever-pragmatic Domona diplomatically suggested a vote and a little while later they were all seated in the great cathedral, Dansa quietly grumbling under her breath and Dannya and Dimma excitedly whispering and giggling close together.

The finish line! (video)

At the end of the 24-hour gaming event, everyone on the server were invited for a big group hug / party on the island in the ocean between the two factions (between Freemarch and Silverwood). There were too many people for the computer to draw on screen, so only the people immediately surrounding you were visible at any given time.

The invasion of Argent Glade (video)

The five sisters help to fight off a Rift invasion on the guardian town of Argent Glade. The vile creatures charged up the road and headed straight for our small peaceful town. It wasn’t peaceful for long, though. Valiant defenders rushed to face the threat and fought hard to save the town. The air was filled with unspeakable things, and we could hardly breath. Dannya almost had it at one time, wrapping her whole head in canvas to try to escape the reeking fumes. She can make such a fuss about bad odor sometimes.

Hard at work

Dansa is the one that gets it done. While the other sisters play around and try out new dresses, Dansa is hard at work. She takes care of all the gear, making sure everyone has enough rations and enough bags to carry all the loot home at the end of the day. Domona says she doesn’t want any of the loot anyway, but Dansa thought she could see a hint of glimmer in Domona’s eyes when they found that shiny green pearl an hour ago.